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School Visits


We love to have schools here and we do our best to make sure you have a great time and educational one as well! We also have more for schools who have special topics they need to go into in more depth – read on!


To get a reduced rate for schPicture2ool parties you need to bring a minimum total of 15 people. Included in your fee is a free guided tour on the birds, on a topic of your choice, you will need to let us know if there is a specific topic that you want us to cover.

Charges are as follows:

Child Entree £6.00  (under 16)

Adult entree is  £10.90

We do offer one free adult ticket with every 10 children and will apply this when booking.

We are happy to talk on any special topic you might need. Examples could include any specific books you might be working on, owls, flight, captive breeding or conservation to name a few. We can also cover many aspects of the National Curriculum, it’s amazing how, for example, migration is a wonderful subject for Geography, or feathers for Maths, or falconry for History, or even falconry terms for English.

Educational artifacts such as feathers can be used for adults and children alike, let us know if you want them included in the tour. Have a look at the schools project page, where there are ideas for you to follow up on after a visit.

007All parties and groups are invited to watch the flying demonstrations, of which there are three each day.  We can fly indoors in poor weather. We do ask everyone to be quiet during the demonstrations and remain in or around the seating area to allow the birds to concentrate- we are sure you will love watching them!

Schools are welcome to bring picnics and you are able to use the flying field outside the demonstration times so the kids can run around and let off steam. We can get you inside if the weather is poor.

Teachers, don’t forget to ask for your Red Stamp Leaflet, each child and adult gets one. Bring this with you on a return visit and you will get in free of charge!

We are also offering a PowerPoint in the iZone on a topic of your choice. This will give your class time to get information on particular topics and ask questions. The cost of this is £40.00 for about 40 minutes.  This means we can really go into more depth with your chosen topic to ensure the best our of your visit. 

The following is a list o045f PP presentations that are available to your school that we can present to you here.

This list is not exhaustive and we can cater for individual requirements on request. All we need is adequate notice for a particular theme [approx 2 weeks prior to the visit] and we will prepare it for presentation to your students.

These presentations are also available for use with adult groups and, as with school groups, we can tailor them to your specific needs.

If you have any questions, queries or special requests, please ask.

List of possible PowerPoint Presentations available.

  1. What is a Bird of Prey: this covers the differences between a bird of prey and other birds, how to recognise them, different groups of birds of prey, the work we do at the centre and conservation issues.
  2. Birds of prey for Infant Schools: aimed at younger pupils, this deals with the difficult issue of animals killing and eating each other as well as where birds of prey fit in ecologically
  3. Owls for Schools: this covers owls in particular. It deals with how owls are different to other birds of prey and the various groups of owls found around the world and is quite detailed.
  4. Specific book topics for children such as the Owl who was afraid of the Dark and other books as well – just tell us which one before you come!
  5. Medieval Times: this deals with the traditional sport of falconry as practiced in the past and its relationship to the modern sport.
  6. Birds of Prey, Kes and falconry: This is a presentation that covers the set text ‘Kes’ and how modern falconry has developed from the ancient practice. It helps Secondary students with their understanding of the text. It also introduces how Shakespeare used falconry imagery in many of his plays.
  7. Conservation and Birds of Prey: this deals with the impact on birds of prey of our present and future energy needs.

All children must be supervised during their entire visit to the Centre, including in the shop, loos and café. We are quite strict, particularly during the breeding season and if teachers do not control the children and they are putting our breeding birds at risk we will ask you to leave.

If you can’t come to us- we can come to you. We give lectures on all the above topics and can bring two live birds with us to illustrate the talks at the end. Phone for details of this.