Raptor Hospital

Tens of thousands of wild birds get injured, or emaciated, or even just lost every year all over the UK.  Some are lucky enough to be found by someone and given assistance.

The best assistance you can offer is to ensure that the bird is taken to a vets or a rehabilitation centre who have the expertise to quickly assess the birds and get them on the road to recovery if possible.


Each year we take in up to 100 injured wild birds of prey that people bring to us.  Our policy at the ICBP is to take in every bird that is brought to us and give it the care it needs to be returned to the wild.

During the time an injured wild bird is with us at the centre it receives treatment from the staff, visits to the vet if needed and enough food, warmth and time for a full recovery.  Not all of them survive unfortunately – some might be too badly injured and others might go into shock, but at least by being brought to us at the centre they are given the best possible chance.  Those that do make it are often able to be released by the people who found them, so they become a part of the whole process and see the end result.

Keeping and caring for these birds temporarily can be a costly process.


We use up a lot of medical supplies with injured birds:

  • Self-adhesive bandages
  • Vet Wrap
  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton wool
  • Gauze and so on
  • Specialised medical supplies
  • Antibiotics (provided by the vets)
  • towels and more towels

We also administer courses of antibiotics and worming medication to help send birds back out in to the wild as healthy as they can be.

Finally after years of struggling with a horrible old tiny room that served as our hospital area we have a new one!!  Thanks to LAG, we were given a £20,000 grant towards building a state of the art room with specially build critical care boxes to house and care for the injured wild birds. Add to that another £12000 raised by friends and by you the public we are just about there.

The facility has made a significant difference to our success and recovery rates, plus being so much nicer to work in.  You can view it from the public part of the Centre through a window.

The donations have been wonderful and make all the hard work of caring for these birds, which sometimes flood in, worth while.  Our next task is to complete the requirements we have which is a treatment room and a small lab, this will take time and patience.

In the meantime we would like to thank LAG who’s staff in the Forest of Dean Council have been absolutely wonderful and without them giving support and advice we never would have succeeded.  Also to thank the very special friends and YOU for the donations that have made this wonderful room possible.