Disabled Access

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Disabled Access

Here at The International Centre for Birds of Prey we work hard to make as many parts of the centre wheelchair-friendly as we can. The paths are generally quite firm and even although there are some slopes, there is usually an alternative shallower route around on other paths. However if you are finding it difficult to negotiate the slopes ICBP staff and volunteers are pleased to be able to assist if help is needed.

Ramp Access

There is ramp access to the following areas:

  • The Cafe Left Hand Door
  • The Loos
  • The Shop

We have two wheelchairs that are available for loan if required. One needs to be pushed by a second person and one has large wheels with hand rails on the rims. it is advised to book them in advance of your visit by calling the Centre. The wheelchairs are not motorised and thus are not self-propelling, nor are they are state of the art but they are comfortable and free to borrow for the duration of your visit.

Disabled Toilets

There are three disabled toilet facilities around the Centre, one male and one female next to the Owl Courtyard and one unisex in Charlie’s Room next to the café.

Assistance Dogs

Our birds do not like strange dogs, they will sometimes fly into the wire mesh if they see one, this can damage or injure them. We have five Labradors here but even they are not welcome in some areas.  As a rule we do not allow dogs into the Centre as they can frighten or upset the birds. However, guide dogs will be allowed in BUT ONLY IF we are warned in advance. 

We do apologise, but with wildlife, such as birds of prey, we do need some advance warning about guide dogs. During the flying demonstration you will be asked to sit at the back, a little away from the birds so they are not distracted by an unfamiliar dog. You will be asked not to go into the Owl Courtyard with the dog, so we suggest someone holds it outside if you wish to go in. No dogs in training are allowed.

Thank you for your understanding, please do let us know if you have any special requests and we will try to suit your needs.