At the International Center for Birds of Prey we offer a range of courses and experiences through out the year, for people who are interested in or just want to know more about birds of prey. For a more up close and personal experience of the wonders of birds of prey please select from the options below.


Owl Evenings

Experience owls flying at night. An evening event that allows people to see the true nature of Owls and how they interact with their enviroments

Half Day – Owl

Do you love Owls and want to get a lot closer? Why not come and do a Owl Half Day Experience where you can get hands on with these beautiful creatures

Half Day – Raptor

A chance to meet a variety of birds of prey, including hawks, falcons, kites and owls up close, and learn more about these fascinating birds.

Full Day – Hawk

Want to do more than half a day learning about and flying Hawks? This is the experience day for you

Full Day – Falcon

Flying falcons is to many is the pinnacle of their experience with flying birds. This is a test of hand/eye coordination as will as interacting with some of the fastest birds on the planet.


6 Day – Falconry Course

Starting Falconry or even wanting to improve what you are already doing, the 6 day Falconry course is the perfect way to go.

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