Conservation is behind everything we do and believe in here at the International Centre for Birds of Prey.

We work on project all around the world helping to protect and save many of the most endangered species of birds of prey. Currently, we are working hard to save vultures from disappearing. These misunderstood animals are so important to the environment in prevention of disease, cleaning up and in some places for cultural reasons.  ICBP works together with SAVE on projects to help these birds around the world. See the below link to follow the latest update:

Updates from SAVE about the in Nepal Vultures

Check this and other recent news updates on the SAVE website; this one reports fascinating tracking results of the 17 satellite-tagged white-rumped vultures (6 released birds in November, 6 tagged birds in April and 5 more in November). Lots of new information, maps of the transboundary movements, and encouraging news that the released birds are doing well. One has travelled over 900km to Shimla!!