History of the ICBP

In 1966 the Glasier family, Philip Glasier, an internationally known falconer, his wife Bill, and their four children, Jemima, Anna, Nicholas and Dinah, along with 12 birds of prey, 10 pigeons, five dogs, two cats, a donkey called Lotus Blossom, a goat called Jasmine and a tame deer fawn called Rua moved from Melbury Osmond in Dorset to Boulsdon House near Newent in Gloucestershire.

The plan was to open a a specialized zoo containing nothing but birds of prey to teach the general public…

ICBP as a Charity

January 2015 saw the ICBP turn into a charity after being owned by the same family for more than 47 years. This change has seen the organisation move into the next phase of what is hoped to be a secure future. Becoming charitable has allowed us to benifit from schemes such as Gift Aid.