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Injured Birds

What to do if you find an injured bird

What to do if you find a baby bird

New Raptor Hospital


Conservation is a scarily expensive business, as is looking after a large collection of birds, and supporting a wonderful group of staff. Donations are always incredibly welcome and they can either be restricted – that is you state what you would like the funds spent on, or a general donation and we promise we will put it to good use.

Our current top priority is our Raptor Hospital. With the help of you the visitors and a grant from LAG we have built a new hospital room which you can see on entry to the Centre, it is really nice and has made a huge difference to the management of injured wild birds, and getting them back to the wild.

We are in the throws of rebuilding an incubation facility so that our visitors can see more of the breeding here. Once that is done we want to turn the old incubation room into a Critical Care room for any very sick bird, or those who come in suffering from shock. The old Brooder Room we want to turn into a small Lab, and obtain some of the really good technical equipment available these days for reading blood samples. With these we will be able to phone our vets and give them better information about birds rather than driving the bird to them. This will save stress on the birds and the staff and save on finances as well. So you can see we really do use your donations well.  To donate towards the hospital click the donation button below.


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There are so many ways to help the Centre with its long term aims and work. You can do this by becoming a member, or by making a donation of money or even useful articles. We always have a wish list:

We are always pleased to have nice plants, trees or bulbs.


We always need tools like rakes, especially those large plastic leaf ones, and brooms, which wear out, although I swear some of them grow legs and walk away!

There are other items that are more expensive but very useful such as another golf cart that the staff can use for moving heavier stuff around.

Lawn Mowers and wheel barrows all wear out and are needed. Or perhaps you are changing kitchens and have units or sinks that might come in handy.

First Aid equipment such as bandages, cotton buds and so on, a good strong light to check birds over in the clinic, 

Just ask us and we will be honest if we can use it or not.

So if you think you have something that might be useful, please drop us an email or phone us and we will chat about it and let you know if we can use it, (or if not us, someone else). In this throw-away world it’s nice to be able to utilise things more than once.

snowy owl head

Some suggestions for specific donations:-

    • Care and treatment of injured wild birds
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    • Maintenance of some of the endangered species
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    • Planting of special trees and shrubs in the gardens – some people like to have a special tree planted in memory of someone important to them. We love to accommodate these requests
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    • New Aviaries for birds – you may even be able to choose your bird
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    • New equipment for the Centre
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    • Educational materials for schools
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    • Conservation projects outside the Centre
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    • New signage
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    • Food for the birds
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Neil Forbs from Great Western Exotic Vets


International Centre For Birds of Prey


Present the perfect course for raptor keepers, falconers, zoos keepers, demonstrators, educationalists in raptor understanding and owl keepers.


‘Management of birds of prey for health and longevity’


One Day Course

Presented by Neil A Forbes DipECZM(avian) FRCVS RCVS and European Specialist in Bird Medicine

Two dates available


Sunday February 5th 2017


Saturday April 1st 2017

0900h – 1630h


At: International Centre for Birds of Prey

Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1JJ


Cost £85 for one day


Includes lunch, refreshments + comprehensive A4 course notes


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Please phone to book at: 01531 820286


Opening Times

Mar. to Oct.

10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Nov. and Feb.

10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Dec. and Jan



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