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Injured Birds

What to do if you find an injured bird

What to do if you find a baby bird

New Raptor Hospital



The Centre became a charity in early 2015. This is a big step forward for us and means we hope that we can move forward into another era of our development

We have six and a half bird staff at the moment not counting the dictator - that would be me, and we hope to add to this over time to give all the staff more time for their special projects here at ICBP. Two more wonderful staff run the shop, office, and stock as well as bookings and getting the bread for toast for staff in the mornings!

One runs the cafe with able assistance from three others. We now have a great gardener, but we all help out on occasion if Rob needs us to. Actually some of the bird staff don't because apart from stinging nettles they don't know weeds from plants.


Jemima Parry-Jones MBE (born 6 March 1949) is a Worldwide authority on birds of prey (raptors), a conservationist, author, raptor breeder, lecturer, consultant and is the Director of the International Centre for Birds of Prey. In June 1999 she was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday honours list for services to bird conservation. She is the daughter of Phillip Glasier the notable author, falconer and founder of the centre.

Mark Parker is head falconer and second in command, in charge of everything here. He also does all the serious the falconry teaching, and is a first class teacher, being very organised and methodical. He has been here for many years, with a break when I left for the US. We are all delighted that he came back as there is no one who sets an example of sheer professionalism like he does and it benefits all the staff. We would be lost without him. He has his own birds at home so carries his interest at work and at home. He is second in command along with Holly and first class at the job, the staff respect him and know that he is always there for them if they ask. His birds are always good fliers and he enjoys the challenge of training new species, particularly the falcons.  

Mark and Owl

Holly Cale is our Curator and is a zoology graduate of Reading University. She is in charge of the captive breeding, as well as training and flying birds, and working with the team. She is passionate about what she does and loves her birds, probably her two favourites are Orion, our young Tawny Owl and Bramley who is a very bouncy Ural Owl. And then she is pretty keen on Dawn Run as well! She has taken to the breeding side of the work like a duck to water and really is very successful, she refuses to give up on an egg and says if it internally pips she will do her best to make sure it arrives into this world.  

Holly and Harris

Robin Pote works two days a week here and one day is from home doing such staggeringly interesting things as Risk Assessments and so on as well as the metadata on the website!! He has taken over the paperwork for the birds and now has the delightful task of organising and keeping up with all the paperwork for a collection like this, which can be an absolute nightmare. He is a retired teacher, and so gets involved with all the school parties, which he deals with very well. He has kept birds of prey for years until he retired and moved to Ludlow where he is involved with all the swifts that live in Ludlow. He and Pinotage get on very well, but it could be the name as he is keen on the odd glass of red wine. He is determines that we will eventually encourage swifts to nest here as well.  

Robin and pinotage












Helen Sanders joined us in April 2013 as one of the two people to replace Simon and Adam. Like many of our staff Helen originally volunteered the year before.

Previously she studied Zoo Animal Management at thee University of Chester, which was a foundation degree in zoo management. She is now studying online (mad woman) for a Masters Degree in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh, clearly I'm not working her hard enough!

Thank goodness she likes to read up on birds of prey which I particularly like as it means she can do different commentaries and I can steal the information, which is what happens to me.

She is in charge of our lovely new Hospital and so takes care of both injured wild birds and any of ours that might be sick. Like the rest of us, she is delighted with the new hospital facility and is also working in our small lab so we can check faecal samples.

Probably her favourite job is to build the nests for the birds in the early part of the year and then watch them being completely demolished. The Golden Eagles are on nest number four!


Jan Stringer has worked here now for about a hundred years - she looks well on it! She is in charge of ordering stock, the shop, much of the office work that I do not do, and being nice to the visitors as they arrive and she is very good at it. Please note Jan I did not choose the picture, Linda did - so you can blame her. She, Jan that is, has just become a grandmother for the second time.


Angela Rowe is in charge of the cafe and feeding all of us, plus of course the visitors is who cooks the most marvelous food, and is loved universally by the staff and even more by the dogs who are miserable when she is not in. She loves the birds and has been involved in flying some of them, when she stops laughing!

Tracy, Jo and Tim all help out and give Angela the chance for days off.

  Angela and owl
Then we have the VOLUNTEERS. We also have other friends from South Carolina who come as often as they can to be involved and it is treat to see them when they arrive from the US. Steve Jones has been with us for a while, although he has been busy with work recently. Tom Allen we could not do without, he sorts out all the broken little things that need mending and helps in the garden too. Linda Wright of course who did the last website and all our lovely photos.  There are many more that come and go and they are all hard workers and put up with all sorts of tedious jobs which are vital to keep the place looking as good as it does.    


Neil Forbs from Great Western Exotic Vets


International Centre For Birds of Prey


Present the perfect course for raptor keepers, falconers, zoos keepers, demonstrators, educationalists in raptor understanding and owl keepers.


‘Management of birds of prey for health and longevity’


One Day Course

Presented by Neil A Forbes DipECZM(avian) FRCVS RCVS and European Specialist in Bird Medicine

Two dates available


Sunday February 5th 2017


Saturday April 1st 2017

0900h – 1630h


At: International Centre for Birds of Prey

Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1JJ


Cost £85 for one day


Includes lunch, refreshments + comprehensive A4 course notes


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


Please phone to book at: 01531 820286


Opening Times

Mar. to Oct.

10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Nov. and Feb.

10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Dec. and Jan



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