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About ICBP Its much bigger than you think!!! One of the main comments we get is that people never...

Owl Evenings

Winter Owl Evenings in 2016/2017 Winter Owl Evenings in 2016/2017 The ea...

The oldest dedicated bird of prey centre in the world

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world...

Vulture Project in South Asia

  South Asian Crisis for Vultures SAVE   In 1999 the Centre was contacted by a good friend, a sc...

Education Introduction

Teaching people when you have live birds to help you is pretty easy, in fact it is a joy, because ho...

Breeding Successes

  CAPTIVE BREEDING SUCCESSES AT The International Centre for Birds of Prey 1967 onwards The In...

The Falconry Weekend

 The Falconry Weekend September 5th and 6th at the ICBP 2015 (for those you who don't know what I...

Visiting the ICBP

If this is your first time visiting the ICBP or you are a seasoned veteran coming back time after ...

Hawk Experience Full Day

A Full day with hawks, buzzards, falcons, kites and owls! Arriving at 9.45am for a 10.00am start pl...

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world, but unless you are interested in birds of prey – why visit?

Well I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it. We humans are surrounded by birds in our daily lives, but so often don’t notice them, a visit here gives you the opportunity to see one group of birds up close, with in many cases no wire, and watch them fly amazingly close to you.



The International Centre for Birds of Prey is a registered charity and we rely on the generosity of the general public and our visitors to fund the work that we do.

Our registered charity number is 1159749. Please don't forget you can Giftaid any donations if you are a UK tax payer, allowing us to claim an additional 25% from the Government.


BBC Countryfile

came to film with us at the ICBP to cover all of the important work that we do. The team got to learn about the work we do with endangered species, in particular the Vultures in India and the rest of the world and also saw the work that goes into rehabilitating wild injured birds here in the UK. Ellie and the crew had a great day seeing the centre and meeting the birds. Some of the birds had great day, enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. Broadcast on 17th January 2016 be sure to catch it on i-player and come to visit Moccas, Salem and the other birds that helped make the show possible



Here are a couple of shots that you won't see on TV from the making of the show....


Moccas getting to Know Ellie better



And Moccas going for her close up.. ok her close up of the camera and not of her.




 If you'd like to help by supporting the work we do please click here 


Opening Times

Mar. to Oct.

10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Nov. and Feb.

10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Dec. and Jan



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