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Owl Evenings

Winter Owl Evenings in 2015 NEW NEW NEW!! We are going to run two Owl Evenings in January 15th...

The oldest dedicated bird of prey centre in the world

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world...

Education Introduction

Teaching people when you have live birds to help you is pretty easy, in fact it is a joy, because ho...

Vulture Project in South Asia

  South Asian Crisis for Vultures SAVE   In 1999 the Centre was contacted by a good friend, a sc...

Hawk Experience Full Day

A Full day with hawks, buzzards, falcons, kites and owls! Arriving at 9.45am for a 10.00am start pl...

Breeding Successes

  CAPTIVE BREEDING SUCCESSES AT The International Centre for Birds of Prey 1967 onwards The In...


About ICBP Its much bigger than you think!!! One of the main comments we get is that people never...

Visiting the ICBP

If this is your first time visiting the ICBP or you are a seasoned veteran coming back time after ...

The Falconry Weekend

 The Falconry Weekend September 5th and 6th at the ICBP 2015 (for those you who don't know what I...

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the oldest dedicated birds of prey centre in the world, but unless you are interested in birds of prey – why visit?

Well I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy it. We humans are surrounded by birds in our daily lives, but so often don’t notice them, a visit here gives you the opportunity to see one group of birds up close, with in many cases no wire, and watch them fly amazingly close to you.




Ashy face Barn Owl

Winter Owl Evenings in 2015 NEW NEW NEW!!

We are going to run two Owl Evenings in January 15th and 22nd 2016. What a fantastic Christmas Present to give someone.


These are a wonderful treat, experience a very special evening with owls at the ICBP. Starting with a guided tour by torchlight, where the owls look alert and awake - very different from as you see them during the day.

After the tour warm up with a hog roast and mulled wine or hot apple juice (vegetarian option available). This is followed by a flying demonstration of small owls which takes place in the Indoor Flying area with special low level lighting.


Finally we end the evening with owls free flying in their natural element – outside in the flying field with special underground low level lighting with the owls glimmering through the lights as they cross the flying ground. An added treat may be to watch the staff fall into the two new ponds in the flying ground - no laughing please!!!


The Owl Evenings are ticketed only, and places are limited The experience starts at 7.00pm and ends at about 9.00pm. Tickets are £28.00 for adults. At the risk of upsetting people, this is not an evening for small children, the tour is too long for them, it is cold and when they start being noisy it spoils it for everyone else, so I am going to say that any children coming have to be eight years old or more.


The cost for children (8 - 12 years) is £14.00, younger than that and I think you should leave them at home - sorry! Over 12 and they eat the same as an adult if not more!) and so pay the same!!!


The price includes the food and drink, entry, guided tour and two flying demonstrations, one inside and one outside. Wear warm sensible clothes and bring a torch.


To book tickets Tel. 01531 820286.


The dates are here for November and December November 28th (sorry now full) - all Saturdays December 4th,11th,18th - all Fridays and an extra very close to Christmas on the 23rd of December (sorry now full) - a Wednesday.


The perfect one for last minute presents as well, or if you want the present to happen after Christmas how about January 15th and 22nd 2016 Also running on 12th and 13th February 2016. What an amazing Christmas present or a Valentines present for someone you love.

Long eared Owl


If you would like to buy a ticket now you can do so on PayPal - BUT!!!!!! Remember even if you have a ticket you must PHONE TO BOOK as places are limited. We need to know which day you are coming, you can phone and book at the same time.

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Age 8 - 11 years
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Opening Times

Mar. to Oct.

10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Nov. and Feb.

10.30 am - 4.30 pm

Dec. and Jan



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