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Mothers Day 11th March 2018! We will be offering a FREE CREAM TEA* for every mum! Treat your mum to a day out with a difference- amazing flying displays, over 200 birds of prey, gift shop & a scrumptious cream tea! *free cream tea when visiting with 1 other full paying child or adult, normal entrance fees apply.

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ICBP and Vulture Conservation

  Because of our extensive and long-term experience in captive breeding, many of the conservation programmes that we are involved in around the world reflect the need for that expertise. We have been working in South Asia now for nearly two decades. The South Asian vulture crisis is well documented where 99.5 percent of three species of Gyps vultures have died due to the Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAIDs) Diclofenac. ICBP has been working with SAVE (Save Asian Vultures from Extinction) to stop the extinction of these vitally important birds. Sadly, because vultures do not have a great press and are not as charismatic as for example tigers or elephants it

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Vulture News update Nepal

To Date 17 wild Oriental White-backed Vultures have been satellite tagged in Nepal – at this point hey are all still alive and moving around (this was by no means a certainty!) The team is keeping a close watch on them, both in the UK and Nepal on computer, and in the field where Krishna from BCN has been able to personally observe the birds in the wild. At this point, 16 of the 17 birds are in Nepal, and one is in India but a few of the others have made brief forays across the border in the past. In November we released six of the non-breeding captive-reared vultures,

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