2 Day – Raptor Awards

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We are moving away from the Lantra Awards scheme to Raptor Awards which is a more specialised awards scheme aimed specifically at those who keep, fly, breed and generally work with birds of prey. We are running a two day course to work through the awards work book and assist people to get the award. Bear in mind this is not a course this is an award to prove to the award givers that you have gone through the required process of understanding the care, housing, and  requirements of keeping birds of prey. You need prior training for this award.

Raptor Award

redtail on fistBeginning Falconry  Part 1 & 2

The International Centre for Birds of Prey now has the facility to offer students, beginners and experienced keepers the opportunity to be assessed for the above award. The award is divided into two units:

Unit 1

Bird of Prey management and husbandry Housing
Feeding and food preparation
Species suitability and legislation

Purchasing your first bird

Unit 2

Basic Falconry techniques

Essential equipment
Picking up and carrying
Feeding and manning
Weighing and weight management

Flying to the fist

There are several ways in which individuals can be assessed for this award at ICBP :

As part of a Seven Day Falconry Training course

As part of a 2-day Falconry Refresher course

On an individual assessment day.

Candidates undertaking an assessment should be aware that in order to reach the required standard, they will need to gather evidence to substantiate and prove that they have a gjess makingood understanding of all the elements of the above two units. Many parts of the award will have to be actually observed and witnessed by the assessor.

During the 7-Day Falconry Course and 2-day Refresher courses practical assessment is continuous. However, if candidates wish to complete workbook during the ICBP training, they may need to do some homework in the evenings. We do encourage candidates to do this while they are on the course so that the information gained is not forgotten. If the workbook is not completed during the course, the candidate can go away and return the book to our assessor at a later date. Costs

The cost of an assessment as part of a Seven Day Falconry or 2-day Refresher Course is £150.

This includes the Award fees and the administration fees as well as the cost of the assessment.

Costs for individual assessment days is £200 if the candidate comes to the Centre.

However, if the assessment is to take place offsite away from ICBP, it’s likely to be higher to include our time and traveling costs. Mark Parker is a registered assessor and between him and ICBP we at the ICBP can take people through the training and assessment in order to obtain the Beginning Falconry Award